About Bournemouth: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in Bournemouth.

English Language course Mini-stays for high schools in Bournemouth


England’s reputation for the quality and range of education that is available to international students is great. Every year, Bournemouth welcomes almost 7 million visitors and more than 50,000 international students as it proves to be a great place where to study an English Course.

Its seaside location draws groups of students on mini-stays. There’s always something new to do or see in Bournemouth, so studying here just gets better for students coming from all around the world. The teachers who accompany their students on mini-stays language school trip like the city as it is compact, friendly, and offers diverse activities.

Studying English course here comes with a bonus of staying in a city that keeps changing and improving. The main attraction is Bournemouth Beach with a typical British seafront with amusements and fun for both younger and older students.

There is an oceanarium with a penguin enclosure where you can find out about all aspects of marine life. The town is also home to beautiful gardens that are split into three distinct sections, they start at the Lower Gardens, close to the sea, and lead through the Central Gardens onto the Upper Gardens which end in Poole.

Lower Gardens are a short walk from the pier and the beach. Visitors can admire beautiful floral displays that combine a range of colours, textures and scents. The gardens also have plenty of activities including music gigs at the bandstand, an aviary, mini golf course and many more. The art exhibition takes place here during the summer.

If you are interested in arts and history then the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum should be on your list of places to visit while studying here. The house was a home of two passionate travelers, husband and wife, during Victorian times who brought back beautiful objects from their travels from all over the world.

The choice of English courses is great so whether you look for a course during winter or summer, Bournemouth can be the place you can learn and have fun.

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