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Formative Assessment

Frequent, low-stakes ‘assessment’ has been shown to be a highly effective driver of students’ learning. The course will bring you to use formative assessment more often, and more effectively by improving teaching and students’ outcomes.

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Global Learning

Global learning in-house teacher training explores the similarities and differences between people and places around the world as well as their interconnections. After being introduced to the main concepts of Global learning.

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Concept Based Planning

Our course concept based planning will bring you to use your subject’s ‘big ideas’, or ‘powerful knowledge’ to drive the lesson, rather than focusing on specific and separate pieces of information, knowledge, or tasks.

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Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) has become the umbrella term describing the teaching of a subject such through the medium of a foreign language.

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Contemporary English

This course is for experienced teachers of English, with a good standard of English, working with secondary or adult students. You will explore the current trend in English language…

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Technology in the Classroom

The course will introduce to a range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, including a number of highly accessible and free apps for use on smartphones and tablets.

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With our workshop “Scaffolding” you will understand in more details on how to support second language learners by providing helpful hints to help students…

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Higher Order Thinking

Developing Higher Order Thinking requires teachers to establish with their student a knowledge base of thinking skills, reasoning, critical thought, and problem-solving…

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