Covid Students Guidelines

UKEDA will resume offering our face to face services to students travelling to any of our destinations.

Before travelling you need to check the requirements and law in place at your final destination.

UKEDA will have to adhere to all government measures. Students identified with COVID -19 will be subject to contact tracing if a student happens to get infected and the appropriate action as instructed by the public health authorities will need to be followed. This might result in quarantine and a prolonged stay for the student. No one will be allowed to return or travel on a plane until they test negative. In these cases, the student will have to pay any additional expenses related to an extended stay. UKEDA recommends insurance cover against such an eventuality and will bear no responsibility for the cost incurred in this situation.


Overall Preventive Measures

Hygiene Procedure has been introduced with the following guidelines:

  1. Students entering the building will be ushered in 1 by 1.
  1. Temperature readings will be taken upon entering the building (depending on the destination).
  1. All persons entering the building will have to sign in giving their Name, Surname, ID no and contact telephone number.
  1. Teachers are to wear a mask in class (if required).
  1. Students are asked to sanitise their hands before entering the classroom.
  2. Students are asked to bring a mask / visor to be used in the common areas of the school (if required).
  3. As per usual procedures, any students displaying flu-like symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  1. The classroom will operate with reduced capacity (unless closed group).
  1. Posters with guidelines to be followed by students are to be placed in the school.
  1. Covering of nose and mouth with a tissue or inner side of flexed elbow whenever coughing or sneezing.
  1. Tissues are to be disposed of, immediately & appropriately after use.
  1. People are to refrain from sneezing or coughing into their hands as they may contaminate objects or people that they meet and any students demonstrating such symptoms will be asked to leave the premises.
  1. People should avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth prior to washing their hands.
  1. People should ideally keep a minimum 1-metre distance when talking to others.


We strongly suggest that all our prospective students take out proper travel medical insurance cover for their entire duration of stay.