English for Specific Purposes

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is different from English as a Second Language (ESL).

The difference between ESP and ELS is that usually ESP learners are professionals or University students who already have good knowledge with English and are learning the language for their profession or studies. At UKEDA we build your ESP around your  needs and the functions for which English is required .

Our teachers focus more on language in context than on teaching grammar and language structures. We cover different subjects varying from marketing or English for business to computer science, journalism, tourism and so on. Our focal point is that English is taught in an real world contest and integrated into a subject matter area important to the learners.

Our teachers have an extensive experience in teaching English for Specific Purposes. Our EFL teachers are specialists in designing appropriate lessons in the subject matter field. Our lessons enable the students to identify a real context for the vocabulary and structures of the ESP classroom. You will take advantage of what we already know about the subject matter to learn English


Why Choose Us

      • Our ESP’s courses are delivered by trained teachers
      • Our Teachers will develop a lessons based on your learning needs
      • We will asses your progress and run the extra mile in order to reach your goals
      • We offer 100% support during your stay
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Our Course Around Your Needs

Acquisition in specialized contexts, Quality Lessons


Effectiveness of various approaches to language learning

Development and Evaluation

Discourse analysis, descriptions of specialized varieties of English

Employment Awareness

Growing and needing growth development

Skills and Support

Focus on the learners' needs, Occupational Purposes, Workplace settings

Build Something For Your Future

Language Preparation for Employment