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Teacher workshop CLIL methodology

Teacher workshop CLIL methodology

Shaun works across programmes, although primarily on the postgraduate team. He leads the School Direct Programme for primary trainees and works closely with both the trainees and partnership schools/clusters within this role.
Shaun’s research focuses on the teaching of social interaction his current Ed.D. research is looking into the effectiveness of the National Curriculum 2014 to promote mastery in mathematics and inclusion for students on the autistic spectrum, within mainstream settings.
Shaun primarily contributes to the PGCE Primary programmes, with a particular specialism in maths, science, assessment and special educational needs, although some teaching is also carried out across the undergraduate programmes.


Teacher workshop CLIL methodology

Zoe’s research is in the area of the Psychology of Learning  – including the influence of globalisation, creativity, gender differences, resilience and the effect of mastery. Having seen a range of national and school cultures she is interested in the effects that reculturing and organisational change could have on students’ interest in, and retention of, Mathematics.

She teaches on the PGCE Secondary Education Course where she is subject leader for Mathematics. She also teaches on the Undergraduate Degree in Mathematics and leads the third year pedagogy module.


Publications as technical proof reader and English Language writer in Hong Kong.
Pan Lloyds Publishing Ltd.

  • HKDSE Exam Series – Physics MC Questions (Compulsory Part)
  • HKDSE Exam Series – Physics Multiple-choice Questions (Compulsory Part) Book B

Physics text books published as co-author and technical proof reader.
CGP Books Ltd

  • A2 Physics Revision Guide
  • AS Physics Revision Guide
  • GCSE Physics Essential Exam Practice – Foundation Level

A New Approach to CLIL Methodology

Scaffolding & Critical Thinking

The workshop aims to develop insights into critical thinking and its implications for educational practice. It will consider the value and impact of critical thinking and build on participants’ personal knowledge of the approach. It will also provide a range of practical strategies for implementation into practice in schools throughout the age phases, such as questioning techniques. Differentiation within groups taught by participants will be discussed and how different methods could aid students of all abilities. You will understand in more details how to support learners by providing helpful hints to help students as they access challenging concepts


To be able to define critical thinking.

To consider the value of the approach.

To have a knowledge and understanding of the theoretical viewpoints underpinning the practice.

To have awareness of a range of appropriate strategies to implement in settings throughout the early years and school age phases, such as approaches within parts of lessons, Flipped Learning and an Immersive Environment.


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