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We offer homestay accommodation, student residence, executive rooms and apartments.

About our English Courses

Our teachers are professional and hold a recognized qualification in teaching English and they all have the same aim – to teach you and provide you with the knowledge to improve and learn the language. The lessons will involve a variety of all abilities including reading, pronunciation, writing, speaking, vocabulary, listening and grammar. At the beginning of the course, you will be given a placement test, this helps us to place you in the best class for your individual learning needs. Typically, the classes are in the morning, leaving the afternoons and evenings free for activities, visits and trips or personal study. After completion of your course, you will receive a certificate confirming the length of study and your achievement. Our courses for individuals are throughout the year and are available in major cities for students with a minimum age of 16 (for some of our centres we may require students to be 18 years old). You can study in cosmopolitan London, in fashionable Brighton by the sea, quieter but truly British Bath or Oxford, in the Scottish capital Edinburgh or lively Dublin in Ireland and in many other destinations.
Schools of English

We offer a wide range of courses

General English

General English is aimed at developing all your English language skills according to your needs and requirements. You will improve writing, speaking, grammar and listening. We offer courses at any level from A2 (pre-intermediate) to C2 (proficiency).

Academic English

English for Examinations is an intensive preparation for the Cambridge English exams, TOEFL, IELTS. Academic English prepares for study at school or university in the UK or revise for GCSE and A-levels.

Professional English

Business and Professional English is aimed at the English that you need for your work. It focuses specifically on communication skills and the language you need in your professional life.


One-to-one tuition is suitable for students who wish to focus on a specific area of English with a teacher who will personalize the lesson according to the students’ needs.

Excursions and after School Activities

Each of our  school centres organise a social programme with various activities and excursions, some free, some at extra cost. They are a great opportunity to socialise with classmates, practise the language and visit new places. Activities usually include quizzes, movie night or local excursions to attractions, park or a museum, or longer day trips to other cities on weekends.

Accommodation Options

Host families – Homestay 

This is a great option if you want to experience the culture more, live in a family environment, possibly in a quieter residential area but with easy access to the school or attractions. Most hosts offer an option to stay with them on half board so you will return home for the dinner and share the meal with the host. It allows you to practice your speaking skills and socialize at the same time.

Residential accommodation

The residential accommodation is available in several locations and varies. You might have your own en-suite room and shared kitchen and living/study area with other students. If you prefer more privacy you can opt for a studio apartment with private use of kitchen and  bathroom. 

Learn, Discover, Experience and Live the Culture!

Accredited School for Teaching English

A wide variety of locations. You can choose to study in many locations in Britain, Ireland or Malta. You can study in never boring London, by the sea in Brighton, in Wales or Scotland.