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  • Volunteering


    If you are passionate about volunteering for a cause or a project that you believe in, or even performing some community service, a foreign country can provide you with the perfect opportunities to mingle and work with people from a different culture, allowing you to [...]

  • School of English courses in Canterbury


    Canterbury is a beautiful, historic city with a lively spirit and amazing architecture. Not only is it a major tourist destination, but also a university city. With scenic parks, striking buildings, lots of places to shop and many charming bars and restaurants, Canterbury makes for [...]

  • London School of English Courses

    Irresistible London

    London, the capital of England, is one of the largest cities in Europe and can take pride in its long and rich history. Because of its international quality, it is the perfect place for international students. London has something to offer to anyone – with [...]

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