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This course is for experienced teachers of English, with a good standard of English, working with secondary or adult students. You will explore the current trend in English language, giving you the chance to enhance your skills in areas such as teaching pronunciation or to explore areas that are perhaps new to you such as teaching with mobile technology.

The course will provide you with the opportunities to develop techniques by presenting practical ideas for teaching English. This unique structure enables you to experience a different dynamic by providing language development and practice as well as ideas for teaching the topics covered. These methods of teaching will allow you to cast aside the textbook whenever you can by approaching much more topic based on as little grammar as possible and by examining the current trends in the contemporary use of English, in Britain and internationally.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

For teachers who want to explore the current trends in the English language and get knowledge of contemporary use of English, in Britain and internationally.

Course Sample programme

Week 1Course Content
Day OneLanguage trends “teenage language slang and idiom”
Day TwoLexical change and new words
Day ThreeUnderstand the varieties of the English language/Teaching with mobile technology
Day FourLanguage development and practice as well as ideas for teaching the topics covered.
Day FiveReview and Feedback

*Please note that the course content may be subject to change due to latest methodology trends updates. 1 lesson=45mins

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