We have different approaches to how we use theories and methodologies techniques, our academics and practitioners use several varieties of techniques ranging from, Total Physical Response to the Silent Approach. Of corse, each of us has got a preferred method of teaching and each of us responds to a particular situation according to a particular technique but our courses will enhance learns better when that particular teaching or learning style is being administered in the classroom.

Teaching Methodologies.

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Audio-Lingual Method

It is a style of teaching foreign languages. One of the most important features of this…

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Grammar Translation

One of the several methods of teaching foreign languages is called ‘Grammar Translation’..

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Community Language Learning

As the term itself suggests, this method allows the students to choose…

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The system showed up when British lingo instructing was set up for a standpoint change…

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Two types of language; majority language, it is the language spoken by the…

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Lexical Approach

Lexical syllabus is an approach that depends on a PC investigation of dialect which…

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Natural Approach

The Natural Approach is one of the approaches that are used for teaching…

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This method is considered to be one of the humanistic approaches the teachers….

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Task-Based Language

Undertaking based learning is a substitute approach…

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The Silent Way

A lot of time is allotted to the pronunciation…

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The Direct Method

The Direct Method is one of the most popular methods…

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The Structural Approach

An important approach of teaching or learning …

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Total Physical Response

The teacher is expected to give instructions or commands…

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