Travel & Education

 Our mission is to offer bespoke educational travel destinations at a selection of hand-picked best educators providers.

Our school group study abroad enable teachers to establish a more direct relationship with their students, as well as maximize their teaching abilities learning about different methods of approach to a foreign language and culture. Student will develop their language skills as well as build confidence for their future experiences abroad.

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is through personal contact and daily experience. Through interaction with the culture and people language skills are developed along with a deeper understanding of the society. Attending a language course along with the experience gained by living within the society will ultimately lead to a successful achievement of cultural understanding.

What we do:

  • Language Courses ( Winter and Summer Schools )
  • Language Workshop – CLIL
  • English Through Theatre
  • High Schools Experience
  • Professional Study Tours
  • Teacher Training on Demand
  • Accommodation in Residence and Host Families


Our specialists are at the heart of UKEDA Study Destinations. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly so you can enjoy your adventures.


We work with the very best. We are proud to deliver the best in bespoke Study Travel.

Our educational travel brings the classroom to life and enables students to interact with history and culture they have learned about in the classroom.


No request is too big or too small for our team. If it matters to you, it matters to us. Let us make your study experince perfect.

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