Alternanza Scuola Lavoro

PCTO (Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento)

The UKEDA PCTO programme is specially designed for school groups from Italy and follows our tailored programme that completes the number of study / work hours that can be used for the two hundred hours required by the Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento scheme. Our programme uses PCTO programme coordinators who work closely with our specialised team to customize each PCTO programme that meets student needs by combining Project Work for the world of work / sectoral English, work-oriented skills workshops , seminars and industrial visits, all of which are designed to improve the employability of our students. All programmes include the relevant course material, the final report prepared by the students and the final certificate. The typical week includes Peoject Work, Company Visits and English lessons if required . The programme is flexible and can be varied, but the minimum stay is one week.

PCTO Project Based Programme

The programme includes 30 hours of Project work a week – a combination of workshops on work-oriented skills led by professional tutors, and self-working on the project. In addition, we also offer workshops and seminars related to the industry, which offer students valuable information on the chosen fields, while company visits give a fascinating overview of the inner workings of some of the most famous companies in the world. The minimum stay is one week, with a recommended English level B1 CEFR.

Sample Programme -Percorsi per le Competenze Trasversali e per l’Orientamento

This sample programme is based on arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
Project Work  Project Work  Project Work  Project Work  Project Work  
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Working on Project Company Visits Working on Project Company Visits Project Presentation
Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner Dinner
Family Night
Bowling Night Tour Cinema Night Event

I PCTO sono rivolti agli studenti delle scuole superiori. Sono abbligatorie 200 ore (400 per gli istituti tecnici e professionali) durante il triennio finale.”