Terms & Conditions – Group Bookings

Booking & Payment Terms

  • To book, please email your enquiry to [email protected] or your assigned agent. After, receiving your request, we will email you to inform you if we can meet the specified requirements, together with a quotation.
  • Upon confirmation of an enquiry, you are required to pay 25% plus the administration fee of the total invoice. Unless otherwise agreed, the remaining balance will have to be paid 28 days before the arrival date.
  • All communication needs to be in writing
  • Payments are invoiced and duly paid in UK pound sterling or €uro depending on the quotation sent. All bank charges incurred must be paid for by the client.
  • Late payments are subject to ‘statutory interest’ – this is 8% plus the Bank of England base rate unless UKEDA has agreed in writing that the payment may be delayed, in this case, UKEDA will advise in writing the new due date.
  • As soon as, the deposit has been received in our bank account, the booking can then be confirmed. You will then be required to send us the travel details and passenger list.
  • Please include any special requests per individual students, dietary requirements, allergies, pets etc. (for particular dietary requirements an extra charge will apply). Also, include which students wish to share with whom. We will always endeavour to match as per request, but please note that this may not always be possible. See Frequently Asked Questions for students, parents and teachers  (Please note that this is part of our terms and conditions).
  • In the event homestay accommodation has been booked with UKEDA and more than 10% of the group has got allergies to pet (cat and dogs mainly) or more than 10% has got severe food allergies, UKEDA reserves the right to not accept the group and deposit will not be refunded, we strongly advise checking with the group (students) of any allergies before booking.
  • We cannot accept more than one leader per group who has got pet allergies (cat and dogs mainly) if homestay has been booked. We may find in this case an alternative accommodation e.g hotel, in this case, we will charge a supplement to cover the costs. Should not the client accept our alternative accommodation, we won’t accept the leader.
  • Host family list and Programme will be provided 10 days prior to arrival.
  • Our weekly educational programmes run from Monday to Friday and arrival during the working days will affect your timetable except our CLIL workshops in London.
  • Once you have booked a course you can give your preference if you want the course to be AM or PM, but this will depend on the availability for that period, hence, we may only be able to confirm the timing 2 weeks prior to arrival, therefore, we cannot guarantee the preferred time.

Cancellations (Groups)

  • All cancellations, up to 5 weeks prior to the arrival date are subject to 25% cancellation fee, plus the administration fee.
  • All cancellations, up to 28 days prior to the arrival date are subject to 50% cancellation fee, plus the administration fee.
  • All cancellations, between 28 and 18 days prior to the arrival date are subject to 75% cancellation fee, plus the administration fee.
  • All cancellations, up to 18 days prior to the arrival date are subject to a 100% cancellation fee, plus the administration fee.
  • All cancellations and notifications must be received in writing during normal working hours, Monday to Friday between 09:00 to 17:30hrs.

Travel Insurance

  • UKEDA provides specific travel insurance which will cover the students for cancellation, legal expenses, damage to a third party, liability, medical, repatriation (for emergency or death), please see the insurance policy link: MULTIRISK & COVID INSURANCE 

 Group Transfers

  • For airport transfers booked through us, please ensure that you have provided all the correct information, Airport and terminal of arrival, arrival time, carrier and the mobile phone number of the person travelling with and responsible for the group on arrival/departure. We will not accept responsibility if the correct information has not been provided prior to arrival.


  • Group leaders and/or teachers are responsible for the proper conduct of all members of the group. If any member of the group behaves in a way that is likely to endanger or upset any other person or property, we reserve the right to terminate the booking of the person involved. In such a case, no refund will be made.
  • You will be responsible for any damage or loss caused by any member of the group.
  • In homestay accommodation students are not allowed to invite friends, teachers or group leaders without first asking the host’s permission. Please remember that the entertaining of friends by students in a family home is not an entitlement to your stay.

Passports, Travel Documents & Visa

It is the responsibility of all members of the group, teachers and/or group leaders and individuals to ensure that they are in possession of all required travel documents before departure. Our clients are responsible for ensuring that the visa requirements related to their nationality, country of transit and final destination are fulfilled. They are advised to seek advice from the relevant embassies and/or their local visa offices. UKEDA is not to be held responsible for cancellation fees incurred due to unsuccessful Visa applications.  If your visa is refused and you want to apply for a refund of fees, you must do so within two weeks of the refusal date and before the course start date, whichever is the sooner. We will refund any fees paid less a charge of £195 per student when we have received your original visa refusal letter from the Embassy or Consulate plus a copy of your passport photo page.

Arrival & Departure Times (Groups for family accommodation)

-Weekday arrivals (meeting point*)

          From 18.00 to 22.00hrs

-Departure from (meeting point*)

        From 07.00 am to 8.30 am

-Weekend arrivals (meeting points*)

          From 08.00 am to 22.00hrs

-Departure from (meeting point*)

        From 08.00 to 11.30 am

*Meeting point is where you will meet the families and not your arrival time at the airport
  • Please remember that most families will be at work during the daytime, therefore, arrivals and departure from meeting points outside of the hours mentioned above will incur a £12.00 supplement per student each way (this means that if you arrive and leave during the unusual hours the students need to pay twice).
  • If booked on a full-board or half-board basis please note that dinner is provided by the families if arrival at the meeting point is not later than 8.30 pm and Breakfast is provided if departure from the host is not before 7.15 am.
  • Our meal plan provides 1st day (arrival day) dinner (see above), then for the rest of the stay of the group the meal plan as booked and the last day (departure day) breakfast (see above)

Arrival & Departure Times (Group Hotel)

-Weekday arrivals (meeting point*)

          From 9.00 am to 22.00

-Departure from (meeting point*)

        From 06.00am to 11.30am

-Weekend arrivals (meeting points*)

          From 09.00 am to 22.00

-Departure from (meeting point*)

        From 06.00 to 14.00

*Meeting point is the time the group will arrive at the hotel
  • Meeting points outside of the hours mentioned above will incur a £60.00 supplement per group per trip.
  • If booked on a full-board or half-board basis, please note that dinner is provided if arrival at the meeting point is not later than 9.30 pm and Breakfast is provided if departure is not before 7.15 am,
  • Our meal plan provides 1st day (arrival day) dinner (see above), then for the rest of the stay of the group the meal plan as booked and the last day (departure day) breakfast (see above)

Activities Programme

  • Sample activities programme needs to be intended as the word says “Sample”, and it is as illustrative only, hence, just to give you an idea of how the programme may be. Once you have booked and paid the deposit, we will start to work on the activities programme.
  • All activities that have been agreed in the quotation and accepted by the client (e.g. course time, social activities etc.) will be provided, but due to external factors, the timetable of the activities may differ from the sampling programme.
  • Please note that you are not allowed to book any extra activities without the prior consent of UKEDA as doing so you may interfere with our operations (the act of creating the final activities programme) and we do not take any responsibility if due to your action we may not be able to provide any part of our activities programme.
  • The Travelcard or Bus pass is needed in order to take part in our activities, you will forfeit your activity programme in case you decide not to buy a travelcard or bus pass for your students and the leaders.
  • Travelcard or Bus pass is needed in order to reach the school from your accommodation and vice-versa.
  • Local excursions are offered mainly by public transport, therefore you will need a Travelcard or bus pass.
  • Travelcard and bus passes are not included in our package, but you may purchase them either prior to arrival or locally.
  • You are not allowed to modify our programme without the prior consent of UKEDA.

Special dietary requirements

Allergies are subject to a supplement due to the extra cost and care from the host families and, therefore, subject to £5 per day. UKEDA reserves the right not to enrol or offer accommodation for students affected by severe allergies symptoms or/and severe disorders if we think that we will not be able to take care of them due to our limitations. Furthermore, UKEDA does not assume any responsibility due to third-party negligence; we act as an intermediary, and we cannot do more than communicate the related allergies to the third party.

Halal: Please inform us at the earliest opportunity should your group require any special dietary requirements. Depending on your destination Halal meals can be organised however in many destinations it is not possible to provide Halal options and students will, therefore, be offered vegetarian meals.

Travelcard/Bus Pass

Travel cards need to be purchased before arrival; if you decide to buy yourself any transport tickets, this cannot be done on the day of arrival unless you have pre-ordered this from us. Please note that travel cards are necessary in order to reach the school or any other destination, including activities organised. Therefore, you will forfeit your educational trip if you refuse to buy travel tickets.


In the unlikely event of a complaint, our office should be contacted as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to resolve the complaint. We will not be responsible for the payment of fees for hotels or accommodation not booked by us if somebody in the group chooses not to stay in the booked accommodation for any reason. If pursuing complaints or other issues that treat staff and others in a way that is unacceptable and intolerable, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, and this will not be subject to any refund.


In the event, the client requests UKEDA to book the flight on he/her/its behalf, UKEDA will not accept any liability and whatever due to client, agency, airline, UKEDA itself or third-party negligence involved in the process of the booking, Act of God, any type of delay (including and not limited to any transfer that may be booked by the client, agency, third-party or UKEDA itself to from the airport), airline cancellation, and any type of causes that may force UKEDA not to perform the service as agreed or not to perform the service at all.


  • UKEDA shall not be liable or deemed if unable to perform any of its obligations by reason of any event or circumstance beyond its reasonable control.
  • FORCE MAJEURE: Except where otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by or you otherwise suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature whatsoever as a result of ‘force Majeure. In these Booking Conditions, ‘force Majeure means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, infectious disease and all similar events outside our control, therefore, any cancellation received due to force majeure is subject to our cancellation policy.
  • UKEDA Does not assume any liability for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever which might occur due to fault or negligence of any company, hotel proprietor or any other persons engaged in carrying out the arrangements. We act as agents only for the transportation companies, hotels, student residences, host families, and other principals and do not accept responsibility or liability for any variations in arrangements ordered. All contracts are subject to English law.
  • Accommodation is provided by a 3rd party and UKEDA does not assume any liability for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever which might occur due to fault and negligence during the client’s stay at the above-mentioned accommodation. UKEDA acts only as an intermediary.
  • All operators working with UKEDA will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions without variations once they have booked services and submitted the deposit.