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Our methodology embrace comprehensive and integrated methodology with appropriate teaching materials. We bring to the classroom an innovative approach by presenting flexible planning tool which will enable teachers to develop innovative teaching materials based on effective teaching techniques.

Our teacher training courses are led by qualified academics and practitioner trainers, you will get the right support to succeed with your career. We have, depending on the type of the course, several specialist training routes. The type of training will depend on your subject, experience and requirement.

 We bring to the classroom an innovative approach by presenting flexible planning tool which will enable teachers to develop innovative teaching materials based on effective teaching techniques.

CLIL for Teachers Courses

Erasmus Plus Teacher Training

The European Union’s Erasmus+ programme provides opportunities for teacher training and professional development across Europe. The program offers a variety of courses and workshops that aim to improve the quality of teaching in Europe. It also provides funding for teacher training and professional development activities. The program is open to everyone from all levels of education, including teachers and head teachers. It’s free to apply, and the application process usually takes about 2-4 weeks. We offer you the possibility to take part in one of our courses funded by the Erasmus Plus programme. Please let us know your requirements and we will try to offer you the best courses available. The courses are organized by our partners and can be held on our premises or on the partners’ premises. Please contact us if you want to take part in this programme.

Recent Traning We’ve Completed for our Clients

Concept Based Planning

Concept based planning uses your subject’s ‘big ideas’, or ‘powerful knowledge’ to drive the lesson, rather than focusing on specific and separate pieces of information, knowledge, or tasks. This kind of planning helped our clients to integrate different lessons to give their students a more coherent experience and helped the trainees to journey deeper into the subject.

Formative Assessment

Frequent, low-stakes ‘assessment’ has been shown to be a highly effective driver of students’ learning. Using formative assessment more often, and more effectively improves teaching and students’ outcomes. Our trainees have been introduced to a wide range of formative assessment strategies to experiment in the classroom.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom has been a very useful tool, not as an end in itself, but as a means for helping students to make better progress. Our trainees have been introduced to a range of technologies to enhance teaching and learning, including a number of highly accessible and free apps for use on smartphones and tablets.


The CLIL developed an understanding of the key challenges and benefits of Content Language Integrated Learning, the course considered the methodology and teaching strategies. We have enabled our participants to understand in more details how to support learners of a second language.

Current Trend

Current trends developed an awareness and understanding of current ELT principles and practices and the ability to critically examine and evaluate current trends within their own teaching strategy context.

Teaching Skills

Language Development and Teaching Skills Course developed knowledge and use of English for classroom teaching and life outside the classroom. Through the training the trainees gained ideas that introduced to their classroom.

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UKEDA is leader in providing professional training for teachers and head teachers, our staff is qualified and have many years of experience in training and forming school teachers. We provide In-house training as well as course in various locations in the UK and Ireland. We design and deliver customised training courses that focus not only on didactics  but also enhance the personal and behavioural aspects that teachers needs to gain in nowadays school environment.

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