Summer Programmes 2024

Junior & Teens
English Courses Summer School

English Junior and Teens Summer School. Learn English in a dynamic environment filled with engaging activities.

Youth Development

Experience an unforgettable learning journey with our English summer school.

Popular Destinations

Choose from a variety of world-famous destinations with a focus on cultural heritage in our English summer programmes.

Summmer School

Custom-designed short stays are centred on language, sports, and cultural activities.


Experienced host families and residential options are available, depending on the needs and age.

Junior & Teens English Summer Courses, Schools and Camps

A couple of weeks in a young learner’s life can bring confidence, English language skills, new friends from all over the world, the experience of British culture and visits to some of the most famous places in the world. These courses are for 10-17 years old students. The junior summer schools include group classes, activities, excursions, accommodation in host families or residence. Summer is the ideal time to learn a foreign language directly in the country where it is spoken, giving a big boost for the upcoming school year! This is why the Summer School 10-17 is yet again a huge success with international students! We are aware of the parents’ needs, therefore, a team of educational experts take care of your children by offering not only a great social experience alongside their learning, but also it’s offered a truly multicultural environment to prepare them for their future in the global workplace.

Junior English Summer School in the UK, US, Ireland and Malta

Summer Programmes for Junior & Teens

Summertime is the perfect time to learn English! With an English course, you can start making the most of your summer and improve your language skills in no time. If you’re looking to improve your English skills this summer, consider taking a junior English course. With the Junior summer camps, you’ll have a lot of fun while learning!

Experience and Knowledge

The world of study travel has taught us that experience and renewal are essential components of any language training programme. Many junior English courses have been organised by a group of educational specialists for thousands of junior students in various study locations. We can guarantee that the experience and knowledge will emphasise the strong values and dedication.

Language Practice

With this kind of experience, it's important to have both fun activities and lessons that focus on language practice. Aware of this, the Junior Summer Schools are designed with a mix of cultural and social activities along with the study of English.

Relax. Discover. Learn. Gain New Experiences!

Quality is at the heart of everything that we do.

We have many options to offer from full-immersive courses, with listening and speaking classes in the morning and reading and writing classes in the afternoon, to language courses in the morning and cultural and social activities in the afternoon with weekends excursions depending on the package you may choose.

Why an English Summer Course for Junior & Teens?

Full package homestay and residential accommodation for Junior Summer School. Our Junior Summer Programme is designed for kids who wish to enhance their English skills in a fun and conversational environment. Classes emphasise the development of the four skill areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking, as well as expanding vocabulary and communication skills. 

Our junior and teen English summer courses offer children aged 8 to 17 an educational and fun programme in a safe environment. Fantastic summer centres with excellent care, fast-paced lessons from qualified teachers, and fun activities and excursions. Both residential and homestay programmes are available at various locations.

*Please make sure to verify the minimum age accepted with us as it may vary by location.

  • Our programme offers 15 to 20 lessons per week, taught by qualified teachers. 
  • Your child will be provided with all meals, which include a healthy and varied menu. 
  • There will be 24-hour care, supervision, and support throughout your stay. 
  • Your child will also have the opportunity to participate in at least one full-day and one half-day excursion per week. 
  • Leisure activities will be provided during both the day and evening (for homestay accommodation, activities are provided only during the day, or for some programmes only a few evenings during their stay). 
  • With our English Plus options, your child can participate in additional language or sports courses. 
  • Airport transfers (available at an additional cost). 
  • All course materials will be provided, and your child will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the programme.

To improve your English language skills during the summer, you can consider taking a junior English course at the Summer School. Learning a foreign language directly in the country where it is spoken provides a big boost to language skills and prepares students for their future in the global workplace.

Different course options at the summer school range from full-immersive courses to language classes in the morning and cultural/social activities in the afternoon or vice versa. This will not only enable your child to learn English, but also to interact with classmates and activity leaders during their stay.

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