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UKEDA offers exclusive Educational Programmes and Study Travel destinations, providing products and services that meet the needs of customers in specific markets.

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UKEDA is a project aimed at ambitious students looking to experience Anglo-culture and education first hand while learning English for work, pleasure or further studies. You will find on this website a variety of courses, qualifications and professional training as well as tailored study vacation and cultural breaks. The choice is really yours!

The quality of educational programmes of our associated are very popular with international students. The programmes include language courses, English summer camps, mini-stays, high school programmes, buddy programme, language travel experience and many more. A team of expert will tailor-made the study programmes which will offer you an extensive variety of tours and will allow you to efficiently gain knowledge of many study destinations.

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You will find on this website a diversity of study travel destinations, which will enable you to fulfil the aim of your study focusing on the interests you have got. A team of educational experts will design your educational programme to suit your specific needs and offer professional advice to provide a tailor made experience

English Language School course in London Oxford Street


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Study Destinations 

English Language Schools

You can choose to study in many locations in Britain, Ireland or Malta.

Junior Summer Schools

Full-immersive courses with listening and speaking classes in the morning and reading and writing classes in the afternoon or language courses in the morning and cultural and social activities in the afternoon with weekends excursions.

High School Programs

British High School life along with a chance of learning about British culture and education.

Mini-stays for School Groups

A team of professionals will organise everything for your stay, from multi-activities programme to subject-focused learning activities.

Language Workshops

Language Workshops through Drama, the Performing Arts and CLIL.

Teacher Training

The quality of the teacher training for your success with well formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Study Blog

Read our news about place of interest and what is happening in the education.

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A team of experts will match the appropriate educational programmes for your needs. From adventurous language travel destination to customized study programmes, our collection of educational service is irresistible.

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