Language and Youth Development Courses

For School Groups

Youth Development

We offer many programmes that help young students to develop skills that are necessary for their future career.

Popular Destinations

We offer handpicked world heritage travel destinations for our school groups rich in history and culture.

Bespoke Courses

Our main objective is to provide quality language training adapted to your school' needs.


We offer accommodation that matches any budget and requirements from homestay to residence.

Mini-stay for School Groups

We can arrange almost any type of course for your school groups with the flexibility to plan your trip and other activities. Your typical mini-stay would include 15 hours of English tuition, accommodation, activities, transfer from/to the airport. We can tailor-make the stay according to the requests whenever possible and book theatre, attractions tickets, arrange company visits or visits to universities in some locations and much more. Our mini-stay courses are tailor-made to the requirements and specifications of each individual school group, they are designed around a theme or a particular experience the group wishes to enjoy during their mini-stay. UKEDA is an experienced provider of year-round English language school trips and we can organise everything for your stay, from multi-activities programme to subject-focused learning activities. We also offer High School buddy programme, High School Experience, IGCSE and for the Italian Schools the new government compulsory programme “PCTO”, all our activities have the focus to improve your English language skills.

English Language course Mini-stays for high schools in Leeds

Learn. Discover. Gain New Experiences!

Learning Experience for Youths

Maximize Teaching

Our school group mini-stay study abroad programmes enable teachers to establish a more direct relationship with their students, as well as maximize their teaching abilities, learning about different methods of approach to a foreign language and culture. Students will develop their language skills as well as build confidence for their future experiences abroad.

Language Skills

The most effective way to learn a foreign language is through personal contact and daily experience. Through interaction with the culture and people language skills are developed along with a deeper understanding of the society. Attending a language course along with the experience gained by living within the society will ultimately lead to a successful achievement of cultural understanding.

Our Team

Our specialists are at the heart of UKEDA study destinations. They have all travelled extensively and documented it perfectly, so you can enjoy your study abroad adventures. We are proud to deliver the best in bespoke Study Travel. Our mini-stay educational travel programme brings the classroom to life and enables students to interact with history and culture they have learned about in the classroom.


United Kingdom

Home of the Royal family this beautiful country will fascinate you with the beauty of its cities, countryside and culture. This is home of the English language which is spoken in many countries as first official language. So why you do not have a look at our educational offers that we have for your school group.


Travelling around this country will surprise you with its great variety of historical and cultural places of interest. Irish people are known for their great friendliness and warmth when it comes to receiving foreigners, so this makes the perfect country to practise your English. Have a look at our programmes!


Former British colony, crossroads of sea routes, merchants and languages, its location between Africa and Mediterranean Europe gives Malta an incredibly unique identity, with a touch of British manners. Great place if you want to study English in a small country within easy access to many attractions. Get ready and see our offer for your students!

Mini-stay language courses

Our mini-stay school group travel is becoming more and more popular each year. Many schools are now offering mini-stay language courses as a way to help students learn new languages. These mini-stay courses usually last for one or two weeks, and allow students to live in a foreign country and learn about the culture first-hand. The programmes allow students to take classes and socialize with their peers. They are able to immerse themselves in the language and culture of another country. Students that attend these programmes usually spend their days exploring their destination city or attending classes.