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Curriculum Contents Language Workshops (CLIL)

Our unique language workshops are developed for high school students. Our Teaching method is based on movement, touch, sight, hearing, voice and emotion to ensure that the students will retain for life what they have learned. These lessons are based on active learning where students are immersed into the environment that is being studied. These are carefully planned workshops where the teachers interact with students making the lessons dynamic, fun and for lot of students more interesting. The students take the lessons of Art, Science, History, Literature and so on in museums and/or theatre (CLIL-Literature). All lessons are adapted according to the level of students.

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Curriculum Contents

Language Workshops CLIL

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Language is naturally tied to motivation.

Research has shown that motivation plays an important aspect when learning a language. By teaching the language through CLIL methodology, students will be stimulated, since, by learning the subject they will be brought to learn the language naturally. The subject becomes the medium of instruction which is inseparable and intertwined with the learning of language. When teaching a subject in a language which is not the mother tongue of the student, the natural hurdles of learning the language is overcome with motivation and greater interest.

language workshop CLIL

Sample Programme – Curriculum Contents Workshop

This sample programme is based on arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday

Science Lessons


Science Museum

Science Lessons


National History Museum

Art Lessons


National Gallery

History Lessons


Imperial War Museum

Archaeology Lessons


British Museum

City TourCamden TownHarrodsHyde ParkOxford Street Shopping
Family Night
BowlingFamily NightCinemaPub Night

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