About Bray: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in Bray.

English language schools and courses in Bray, Ireland


Bray is a seaside town in Ireland located 19km south of Dublin in the county of Wicklow. Dubliners escape here to enjoy the seaside atmosphere, walk along the promenade, enjoy ice cream.

Your mini-stay in Bray will include not just an English course but also activities in and around Bray.

You will get to know this friendly city and will have also time to visit Dublin thanks to great transport links to the capital.

The town has a sand and shingle beach to walk on. The promenade starts from the harbour near Martello Terrace continue to Bray Head. This famous cliff-walk around the side of Bray Head is a very popular attraction for both visitors and local people alike with outstanding views.

It takes about two hours during which you can see various seabirds, grey and common seals.

You can see more of sealife creatures in Bray’s very own Aquarium, National Sea Life. You will discover here the wonders of an underwater world filled with amazing and fascinating creatures such as tropical fish, sharks, octopus and stingrays. The displays recreate the natural environment of the marine life to give a more immersive experience. This visit is a great indoor activity on a rainy day.

Mermaid County Wicklow Arts Centre is an interesting centre of Arts with a programme of events including innovative dance, spellbinding theatre, cutting edge music and art-house cinema.

Your school of English can also arrange different activities that allow you to know the Irish culture. One of these is Irish dancing or cultural night that is fun for students of any ages.

The students learn a few steps, attempt to dance, spend time together as a group and get to know each other too.

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