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Broadstairs is a picturesque coastal fishing town on the Thanet Peninsula in the county of Kent between Margate and Ramsgate. A short distance from Canterbury and Dover, the resort boasts one of the most famous beaches in the area, “the crown jewel of Thanet”, with white cretaceous rocks and fantastic white sand. The meaning of the name can be traced back to the “large stairs”, carved in the chalk cliff, which lead to the 12th-century sanctuary.

The main attractions are the beach and the central one to the town is horseshoe-shaped Viking Bay. It has a promenade and beachside shops and cafes.

An out of town beach is Botany Bay that offers stunning views of white cliffs and beautiful chalk stacks. When the tide is out, you can go fossil hunting and exploring rock pools.

Broadstairs was a place that Charles Dickens regularly visited and therefore the Dickens house museum celebrates his connections with the town. The museum is located in the cottage that was Dickens’ inspiration for the home of Betsey Trotwood in a book David Copperfield.

A fun activity to do here is Lillyputt Mini Golf, a championship designed mini-golf course with fun features and surprises. There is also a nice Tea Garden to refuel after the game.

The town has also beautiful Victoria Gardens that were opened in 1892 by Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Louise. The gardens are along the clifftop promenade and feature the bandstand where many concerts and events are held throughout the year.

If you have more time during your stay here you can easily visit other places such as historical Canterbury with its cathedral or visit the nearby town of Ramsgate and its picture-perfect marina.

This is an ideal location if you are thinking to study English by the sea-side in the UK, whether this is for adults language courses, junior on their mini-stays school trip or during our English summer school.

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