About Cardiff: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in Cardiff.

English language schools and courses in Cardiff.


Cardiff is the capital and the largest city in Wales and it is the perfect location if you are thinking to come to the UK to learn English. It has a historical centre, modern waterside area and lots of sports events including rugby.The main attraction is the Card

iff Castle located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the city. Cardiff Castle’s walls and towers conceal a history of almost 2,000 years. It was once a Roman fort, an impressive Norman castle and an extraordinary Victorian Gothic fantasy palace. When you visit the fairy-tale apartments, rich with murals, gilding and elaborate wood carvings, stained glass and marble you will uncover the Victorian medieval world.

When it comes to sport, the city is home of Welsh rugby and football and the Principality Stadium-Millenium stadium has become a landmark of the city since its opening in 1999.

National Museum Cardiff is an important source of knowledge about art, natural history and the story of Wales itself. You can learn about the ancient settlers who cultivated this part of Britain or how Wales’ landscapes were formed.

For a relaxing time head to Mermaid Quay after the sightseeing. You can find shops and cafes to rest your feet in or visit the Wales Millennium Centre. It is a modern iconic landmark where you can see opera, musicals or gigs.

If you have enough time during your mini-stay you can visit attractions outside Cardiff. Your school of English can help you with organizing a trip to Big Pitt Museum that is a real coal mine and one of Britain’s leading mining museums. During a multi-media tour of a modern coal mine, you can learn about mining.

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