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Leeds is in the north of England, in the County of West Yorkshire, and has a population of 782,000 inhabitants. Going to Leeds is synonymous with traveling to the fastest growing city in the UK. It is the largest business and financial centre after London, thanks to the great impact that the Industrial Revolution left in this city and that turned it into a great industrial nucleus, in addition to being a very important commercial and educational centre, housing today three outstanding universities.
A city proud of its history, Leeds is an ideal setting to learn English. Large enough so that there is a great cultural and activity offer and, at the same time, cosy enough to never lose yourself in it. Our program in Leeds is surrounded by some of the best tourist and cultural attractions in England.

Main Attractions:

Leeds Art Gallery

It has been recently refurbished and houses an extensive collection of modern and contemporary British art.

Leeds City Museum

It offers an exciting, fun and interactive day out for students of all ages. There are six galleries for you to visit. You can see the Leeds Tiger in the Life on Earth Gallery or the mummy or archeological exhibits from around the world in the Ancient Worlds gallery.

Leeds Industrial Museum

This museum contains exhibits from 18th century to the present day and tells the history of manufacturing in Leeds, including textiles, clothing, printing and engineering.
The museum carries a message of number of industries that have shaped the city from the recreated Victoria Cottages or the waterwheel. The textile gallery and the milling room tells you more about Leeds’ connection with the wool and cloth industries.

Roundhay Park

For anyone wishing to explore the outdoors, the Roundhay park and its Tropical world is not to be missed. This city park with 700 acres of parkland, lakes, woodland and award-winning gardens has an abundance of wildlife including woodpeckers, swans, rabbits and squirrels.
Tropical World is a tropical island adventure that is fun for all. You can stroll through the rainforest and experience tropical wildlife.

Leeds is the perfect location to learn English with our Mini-stays school group programmes, Junior Summer School and language school for adults.

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