About York: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in York.

English language schools and courses in York.


Where could you learn English and at the same time explore a city with Roman roots and a Viking past surrounded by ancient walls?…in York.

You can choose to study your English course in the city halfway between Edinburgh and London and enjoy its history, attractions and friendly atmosphere.

This city offers plenty of interesting sights to see and we would like to mention few of them.

York Minster

The minster cathedral has been since the 7th century the centre of Christianity in the north of England. Today the church is a place to go for daily worship. The architecture of the building made of handcrafted stone with medieval stained glass attracts its visitors.

Jorvik Centre

It is a must on any visit to York. The centre explains the history of the Viking era in JORVIK.

‘The Viking Dig’- the main excavation at Coppergate led to the discovery of over 250,000 pieces of pottery, 5 tonnes of animal bone and 40,000 individually interesting objects and offered answers to how it was like to live in JORVIK.

York Chocolate Story & Chocolate Trail

Many northern cities built their wealth from wool, cotton and steel but York did not follow the same path and chose sweeter way – business on and from chocolate.

The world’s most well-known and popular chocolate began life in York – Rowntree’s came up with KitKat, Smarties and Aero, while Terry’s created the Chocolate Orange.

The history of York’s most famous chocolate-making families and their finest creations can be explored at the York’s Chocolate Story through an entertaining and informative guided tour.

You will learn about chocolate’s origins, how to make it, how to taste it like an expert and about the sustainable future of chocolate.

York Castle Museum

You can see here hundreds of years of York’s history in one place. The Victorian times are reflected in the street Kirkgate, Georgian times are shown through the infamous prisoners in the spooky cells as the castle was a prison before.

Railway Museum

This free museum is home to iconic locomotives and an incomparable collection of engineering brilliance celebrating the past, present and future of innovation on the railways.

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