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Mini-stays - United Kingdom

Language mini-stays for school group in Cardiff

Mini-stay Cardiff

Home Mini-stay Cardiff Cardiff is a beautiful city for your mini-stay school group English language programme.  The city’s many fascinating sites, such as the National

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language mini-stays for school groups in Bury St Edmunds.

Mini-stays Edinburgh

Home Mini-stays Edinburgh Affectionately nicknamed Auld Reekie (old smoking), the Scottish capital is one of the most special cities in Europe. Edinburgh is a place

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English Language course Mini-stays for high schools in Harrogate

Mini-stays Harrogate

Home Mini-stays Harrogate The elegant city of Harrogate is located in the centre of an area full of beautiful houses and manor parks in Yorkshire.

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Brighton.

Mini-stays in Brighton

Home Mini-stays in Brighton Brighton is a coastal city located on the southern coast of England.The city is the holiday destination chosen every year by

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Cambridge.

Mini-stays in Cambridge

Home Mini-stays in Cambridge Cambridge is a non-metropolitan district, a very old English university town, and the capital of Cambridgeshire County, on the banks of

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Language mini-stays for school groups in London.

Mini-stays London

Home Mini-stays London London is certainly one of the most desirable destinations, as it inspires the learning of British English, which is the most used

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Manchester.

Mini-stays Manchester

Home Mini-stays Manchester Manchester, located in the north-west of England, is part of the second-largest urban area in the United Kingdom and the fourteenth in

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Norwich.

Mini-stays Norwich

Home Mini-stays Norwich Norwich is steeped in history and has a reputation as a welcoming, safe and culturally thriving city. Its foundation dates back more

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Mini-stays in Oxford

Mini-stays Oxford

Home Mini-stays Oxford Oxford, home of the oldest university in the English-speaking world, is a university city situated in the centre-west of England, just 100

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Torquay

Mini-stays Torquay

Home Mini-stays Torquay This town is located on the English Riviera on the South Devon Coast and is famous for its sandy beaches, family attractions

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Language mini-stays for school groups in Worthing.

Mini-stays Worthing

Home Mini-stays Worthing If you are deciding on a destination for your mini-stay and want to learn English by the sea then Worthing should be

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Language mini-stays for school groups in York.

Mini-stays York

Home Mini-stays York York is a city with many years of history and at the same time very modern, which makes it have many interesting

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Experience a mini-stays in the UK

Our mini-stays in the United Kingdom are a great way to experience a new culture while getting some school credit. There are many different English course options for students of all levels, as well as sightseeing opportunities for school groups. A few days in London, for example, can include visits to popular tourist destinations such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge, as well as educational attractions like the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. In addition to London, there are many other great destinations in the UK that are perfect for mini-stays, such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, or Belfast.

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