About Bury St Edmunds: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in Bury St Edmunds.

English language schools and courses in Bury St Edmunds.

Bury St Edmunds

Here are some of the advantages of staying and studying in Bury St Edmunds:

History and attractions
You can admire Suffolk’s only Cathedral and stand among the ruins of the 11th Century Benedictine Abbey of St Edmund. It was once a place of pilgrimage and one of the most important monasteries in medieval Europe.

During your stay, your school of English might organize a visit to West Stow.

West Stow is surrounded by unspoilt countryside where an Anglo-Saxon village has been recreated to enable visitors to explore history through dress up as an Anglo Saxon, watching a film or see a rare breed of pigs and chickens.

There are extensive indoor galleries and outdoor Country Park of woods, heathlands, a river and a lake, plus nature trails, walks and an adventure playground.

You cannot miss a stroll through the Abbey Gardens. Developed on the site of St Edmund’s Abbey, one of the largest and most important Benedictine abbeys in medieval England, the six-acre gardens are a mix of formal floral displays, intimate garden ‘rooms’, an aviary, crazy golf, bowling green and children’s play area.

The town has a wide range of independent shops where you will find all sorts of things from designer shoes, boutique florists, galleries, shops selling handcrafted goodies, haberdasheries and more.

There’s a twice-weekly market (Wednesday and Saturday) that brings buzz to the centre of the town with stalls selling food produce, colourful plants and flowers, and stalls offering anything from Italian shirts, Portuguese pottery to vintage clothes.

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