About Manchester: What to see and do.
Why learn English in Manchester.

English language schools and courses in Manchester.


The so-called ‘Capital of the North’ is an exciting hub of sports, creativity and technology. If you decide to study you English Course here you will experience culture, history, fun or if you are an adult student a great nightlife. Manchester was merely a market town of 10,000 people, but from the 1760s onward, the city grew with the Industrial Revolution.

Its textile (chiefly cotton) industry had so prospered that it had become an important manufacturing and commercial city. With new economic approach steering away from manufacturing industries especially since 1970, finance and banking, administration, and general personal services are growing with explosive force. These days Manchester is according to the Office of National Statistics 3rd most visited city by international visitors.

What can you see during your stay studying an English course in here?


You can take in fine art at Manchester Art Gallery, discover history, old and new, at Manchester Museum or at Science and Industry Museum.


Manchester is synonymous with football. Make sure to have time for a tour of the grounds of Manchester United and Manchester City clubs. Your School of English can help you organize the visit. If you want to discover the social history of this game go to National Football Museum.

Younger students

LEGOLAND Discovery Centre is a big attraction with the ultimate indoor LEGO Playground. If you prefer live creatures, then, SeaLife Manchester offers you to get up close to thousands of creatures including majestic sharks, enchanting jellyfish or the magnificent green sea turtles!

Older students

Every city has one cool district that becomes a haven for weird and wonderful and becomes trendy. In Manchester it is the Northern Quarter. It is a home to creative minds with quirky independent cafes, restaurants and bars.

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