Mini-stays London

London is certainly one of the most desirable destinations, as it inspires the learning of British English, which is the most used language for work and travelling. In addition to being one of the most modern and vital cities in the world, the capital of the United Kingdom has a large number of monuments that testify to its past and intertwine with its present.

It is necessary to visit the most important monuments, starting from Buckingham Palace, the home of the English monarchy since 1837, where the most important ceremonies and diplomatic meetings are held, passing the House of Parliament, the political heart of the United Kingdom and Big Ben, the most famous clock tower in the world.

A bit of fun doesn’t hurt, so London is home to the world’s largest Ferris wheel, the London Eye, which, at 135 metres high, offers breathtaking views across the city; Piccadilly Circus is the point of attraction for all young people and tourists visiting the city and much more. This makes the perfect location for your school study trip “mini-stay”

Students group mini-stays London


About the School of English

Our school has been teaching English in the heart of London since 1996. It is situated in central London zone 1, a short walk from Marble Arch, Paddington and Oxford Street. Being in a great location, the school can be reached from all over London. Our small classes allow our students to feel right at home and make rapid progress in learning English. Students can choose from general English courses, IELTS preparation courses, or intensive English courses. We also run courses tailored to meet the individual needs of students. Our facilities include a computer room with free internet access, educational materials, and a student room. The school also offers social activities that allow students to socialize and visit interesting places.


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Mini-stays Courses

General English

Our General English course has been developed to expand the English language skills which will help the students in the future to advance their knowledge in professional and academic English. During the course the students will focus on the four main elements: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Our classes are made up at all levels from elementary to advanced and students can choose to study 15, 20 and 25 academic hours. The course aims to let the students feel more confident in speaking English what will boost their self-confidence in interacting with other English speakers. We do also offer, for your ministays, language activities outside the classroom to make the course more interesting and stimulating.

Project Work

Project Work is a didactic methodology that is inspired by the general principle of learning by doing. Our activities have been developed to a such extent that the students will create, in collaboration with our teachers, a project related to a real context and objective. The aim of the project work is to let the student work independently by analysing the overall contexts and aims and find possible solutions that will present to the pupils during the actualisation of the project. During this course, the student will also develop their language skills and vocabulary.

Cambridge Exam Preparation

If your students are already preparing themselves for the Cambridge Exam, this will be a good option to study it during your ministay. We can only take closed groups for this course and all the students need to be studying towards the same exam. For example, if your school group is of 30 students we may split the group into 2 smaller groups and offer them a course accordingly to their exam level. It will be possible to prepare for four different levels of Cambridge exam: Preliminary English Test (PET), First Certificate of English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE), or Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). Our course will help your students to acquire the skills necessary to pass the exam and understand the exam structure and marks. If it is required we may simulate a typical exam day during their stay so that they will get the feeling of what will be expected during the exam.

Academic English

If you think that for your ministays your students may be interested in attending a course other then General English, we can offer the option to attend an academic English course instead. The aim of the course is to prepare the learners for advanced language skills needed to attend high education Institutions such as Universities. During the course, the pupils will discuss a wide variety of topics in order to improve their accuracy and fluency. They will also read an academic text, for example, a journal article that will develop their understanding skills. The focus will be also on academic writing such as taking notes and on the academic way of writing sentences structures. This course is for school groups that have at least a B2 level.

Sample Programme - London Ministays

This sample programme is based on arrival on Sunday and departure on Saturday

Lessons 9:00-12:00Lessons 9:00-12:00Lessons 9:00-12:00Lessons 9:00-12:00Lessons 9:00-12:00
City TourBritish MuseumRock’n’Roll TourNational GalleryCamden Town
Family Night
BowlingFamily NightCinemaPub Night
*Please note that this is a sample program only, and it is for illustrative purposes only, the program will be designed upon your requests


Host Families

The homestay is perhaps the most complete immersion method, ideal for students who want to take English courses, allowing them to make the most of the experience. Students will be sharing a room with one or two classmates and will be hosted by a local experienced host family, this will be a full-immersion cultural experience as they will see how locals live, what they eat and more. For some students, this may be a life-experience challenge as for most of them this will be their first experience outside their parents’ home but worth to try as we think this will let the students grow not only culturally but also personally. For most of the students, instead, this will be a home away from home and enjoy the experience with the locals. All host families are checked and inspected regularly and need to abide by a certain pre-set standard requirement.

Residential Accommodation

We have the availability of residential accommodation all year round, our type of accommodation varies depending on your budget and requirements. We can offer students residence accommodation with students staying in two or three per room with shared or private facilities, hotel or B&B accommodation with students staying in triple or family rooms with private facilities. If you would like to choose this option for your students but your budget is very limited, we will be able to offer hostel accommodation. Most of our hostels are 4 stars with students staying in multiple rooms of 4,6 and sometimes 8 students in a room with private facilities, but we have also budget hostels where students will be staying in larger rooms with or without an en-suite room. We will organise for you, breakfast and dinner if this is required. Most of our residential accommodation is situated in the city centre or not far from it, but please bear in mind that availability may be limited, therefore, for this option, we may require an advance booking.

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