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Edinburgh is the second most populated city in Scotland and its capital. Because of the fact that it is very authentic and has plenty of attractions, Edinburgh is one of the favourite tourist destinations in the UK, right after London. Edinburgh is a city of growth, prosperity and opportunities. It’s a business centre, as well as a centre of culture. With colorful festivals, a dynamic nightlife and beautiful scenery, it is the perfect place for younger generations.

The city’s history dates back to the Middle Ages. The Royal burgh was founded in the 12th century, although the precise date is unknown. Edinburgh swiftly became one of the leading cities in the UK and played the main role in the Scottish Reformation and the Wars of the Covenant. During these times, Scotland separated itself from the Pope and declared themselves as predominantly Calvinist. In 1603, a Scottish King James VI became the King of England and united the two kingdoms. The Anglican Church tried to inforce their religion on the Scottish, which resulted in the War of Three Kingdoms. In later centuries, Edinburgh became one of the main industrial and manufacture centers with a growing population and a prosperous social climate.

Sightseeing in Edinburgh

The city is very inspirational and sparkling. From dazzling architecture to lots of activities, it has a lovely blend of culture and fun, accompanied by some beautiful landscapes.

Arthur’s Seat is a must-see when you are in Edinburgh; it’s one of the most famous sites of the city. It is the highest point in the city and provides with an amazing view. It’s truly worth the hike to the top.

Edinburgh Castle is an iconic place with so much history involving it. Different parts of the castle date back to various historic period, the oldest one being the 12th century. Inside the castle, you’ll be able to visit the National War Museum and see the Stone of Destiny, the One O’ Clock Gun and, most famously, Scotland’s Crown Jewels. If you climb to the top of the castle, you’ll also be able to enjoy a splendid view.

National Museum of Scotland is another interesting location. The museum is massive, so make sure to leave plenty of time to take it all in. Especially interesting is the Celtic display, the Ancient Civilizations exhibition and the Victorian exhibition. The tour is also put together well, so you’ll get a chance to learn a lot throughout your visit.

Edinburgh Zoo is a great choice for a family day. The bus ride to the zoo is quite short and you’ll get to see over 1000 different animals, including the only giant pandas in the UK. If you get there around lunchtime, you’ll witness the famous penguin parade.

If you are a fan of mystery a horror stories, The Real Mary King’s Close is the place for you. Mary King was a prominent citizen in the 17th century, a widow with 4 children. The close is located under the buildings in the Old Town and has been said to be the home of ghosts and plague victims, as well as the place of several murders. The costume tour is really interesting and frightening at the same time.

Other notable locations include: Blair Street Underground Vaults, Camera Obscura, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, The Museum of Childhood, The Scott Monument, The Queen’s Gallery, The Scottish Parliament, The Royal Yacht Britannia and The Palace of Holyroodhouse.

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