About Norwich: What to see and do.
Why Learn English in Norwich

English language schools and courses in Norwich.


Norwich, the pretty capital of Norfolk County, is located in the East Anglia region, 160 km from London. An important shopping centre, river port and railway junction, Norwich is also an important cultural centre: since 1961, in fact, it has hosted the University of East Anglia, known above all for its excellent creative writing course, among its students we can find writers such as Kazuo Ishiguro and Ian Mc Ewan.

The town is home to numerous colleges, museums, libraries and art galleries. In the centre of the city, on a hill, stands Norwich Castle, inside which is housed a very valuable museum that contains several sections, from historical and artistic to zoological and geological ones. Norwich Castle was built by the Normans 900 years ago and served as a Royal Palace.

During your stay, you can visit also the Forum which is a unique glass-fronted community building that offers art exhibitions, craft and food markets, films, music, access to local creative and community groups.

A recommended place to visit is also Norwich Market is one of the oldest and largest outdoor markets in the country with a history of more than 900 years. You can find a fantastic range of goods from clothes, children’s toys, jewellery to household goods and flowers. You can also buy fresh food or sample some tasty lunch such as fish & chips, sandwiches, ice cream or sweets.

There are also green open spaces to enjoy such as Castle Gardens and Chapelfield Gardens. You can discover Norwich’s Hidden Garden the Plantation Garden Preservation where you can see a gothic fountain, flower beds, lawns, Italian terrace, ‘Medieval’ terrace wall, woodland walkways, 10-metre long Victorian-style greenhouse and a rustic bridge.

Also, worth mentioning is the Norfolk and Norwich Festival, born in 1772 and which has become, since the 1990s, an important event that combines music (classical, rock and pop), theatre and other events of considerable interest.

Norwich is historic, traditional English City, large enough to keep visitors and its people occupied with interesting events but small enough for students and tourists to easily familiarize themselves with the place. Norwich is within easy reach of London so arriving by air to the UK and getting a transfer from the airport is easy. This makes Norwich a great location to stay if you decide to learn English in our school, we do offer language courses for adults, Junior Summer school and mini-stays for school groups.

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